interNGO welcomes new translators
who want to improve our world!

In line with our vision for inclusivity and accessibility, we welcome universities and their students from around the globe to our remote-first platform.

interNGO, an NGO founded by Rhyme&Reason Language Services, stives for a fairer, just world, by collaborating with a network of NGOs that create social impact.

interNGO’s Digital Syllabus, which consists of a Library of Resources, Online Tests and Mock Projects, has been created by translation professionals with vast experience in Language Services.

By logging in to this internship platform, students gain access to knowledge, expertise and industry top tips, which offer them a competitive advantage in employability and their first professional portfolio.

Using our cutting-edge technology tools and learning methods, our interns benefit from mentor-based review and a forum that encourages teamwork and creates a sense of community.

After the first level of training, the students can implement their knowledge and skills on NGO projects, making a real contribution to their causes.

  • Accessibility

  • Sustainability

  • Inclusiveness

  • Innovation

  • Digitisation

  • Community

  • Social Impact

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