Since 2004, Rhyme&Reason, parent company of interNGO, has been building relationships of trust and professional respect with private- and public-sector clients from around the world and takes pride on the flexibility and readiness to implement innovative services for their benefit.

The reputation and the quality of the work has resulted in the scale-up of the company attracting also a steadily increasing number of interns every year.

The idea of interNGO was instilled through the years of experience and the need of giving back to the community by creating added value for the NGO ecosystem and the students.

Our NGOs


If you are a member of staff at an NGO who is looking:

  • for translation services related to your cause at low or no cost

  • to empower young translators

  • for an easy to use integrated online platform

  • to create synergies and increase social awareness

Contact us 

to learn more about our services and discuss how we can collaborate.